Triangle Digital Solutions


Our role:Design, UI, UX, Development, Google Ads

We have turned into reality the design of the website, the development of a web application and an effective agricultural CRM system for the company "Agrouser". We have implemented comprehensive services for the purchase and sale of agricultural products, fuel, seeds and fertilizers in a convenient online format. We have developed strong functionality on the Phalcon framework, ensuring reliability and performance. The project has been successfully launched, constantly modified and new functionality is added, our role also includes support and provision of effective advertising campaigns. In addition, we advise in the field of marketing, contributing to the growth of the company.


Triangle Digital Solutions

Typography & Colors

Triangle Digital Solutions

Visual Design & Adaptive

Triangle Digital Solutions
Triangle Digital Solutions

Team who make it real

  • tim-a

    Tim A.

    CEO, Project Manager

  • dmytro-p

    Dmytro P.

    Full Stack Developer

  • dmytro-g

    Dmytro G.

    Back-end Developer

  • roman-s

    Roman S.

    UX/UI designer

  • artem-f

    Artem F.

    SEO and Marketing Specialist