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Our role:Design, User Experience, Development

We played a pivotal role in crafting the online presence for Älvsjö Tak, a trusted roofing specialist in Stockholm with extensive experience in roof repairs and installations. Our team designed a stylish and user-friendly website, complemented by a backend development powered by the Laravel framework. We ensured that the website not only showcased their expertise but also provided a platform for their comprehensive roofing services and safety initiatives. This project highlights our ability to combine aesthetics with functionality in web design, contributing to a strong online identity for Älvsjö Tak.


Triangle Digital Solutions

Typography & Colors

Triangle Digital Solutions

Visual Design & Adaptive

Triangle Digital Solutions

Team who make it real

  • tim-a

    Tim A.

    CEO, Project Manager

  • dmytro-p

    Dmytro P.

    Full Stack Developer

  • nikita-s

    Nikita S.

    UX/UI Designer

  • volodymyr-o

    Volodymyr O.

    Front-End Developer