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Our role:Design, User Experience, Development, Google Ads

We have built an effective online presence for Fixkalle, a company that specializes in apartment and house cleaning, relocation assistance and home renovations in Stockholm. Our creative design choices highlighted the company's key services, while Laravel-powered web development ensured smooth navigation and functionality. We have successfully launched the project and effectively manage advertising campaigns in Google, attracting customers. Our experience also includes marketing consulting, which has enabled us to build a strong online presence for Fixkalle.


Triangle Digital Solutions

Typography & Colors

Triangle Digital Solutions

Visual Design & Adaptive

Triangle Digital Solutions

Team who make it real

  • tim-a

    Tim A.

    CEO, Project Manager

  • dmytro-p

    Dmytro P.

    Full Stack Developer

  • volodymyr-o

    Volodymyr O.

    Front-End Developer

  • nikita-s

    Nikita S.

    UX/UI Designer